Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hyrule Warriors - Meet the heroes

The Hyrule Warriors game has been receiving a lot of press since it was first mentioned and it has been little by little making its name known with all sorts of details. One important thing about this title (since it is a Dynasty Warriors inspired game), would be who are the characters that we will be able to use. This is a big deal because character variety is the spice of Dynasty Warriors and with a setting such as the one in Legend of Zelda one would assume that there will be a lot to choose from. Now let's see some of those characters that have been confirmed until this moment.

Hyrule Warriors Link
The long time hero of the Legend of Zelda franchise and the all around type character in the game, Link will feature all his classic moves like sword slashes, swing attack and the use of various items to help him in battle. Because of the appearance of Midna in the game, it is speculated that this version of Link comes from some time directly after Twilight Princess, but nothing is cast in stone yet, as this could be just a crossover of characters and nothing "canon".

Queen Zelda
Hyrule Warriors Queen Zelda
The royal highness is back and this time she is not longer a princess, but a queen. She appears to be a quick-type character with fast sword attacks and the use of a bow and arrow (light arrows). Not many details have been mentioned about why is she already a queen and how will this affect the storyline, but if one thing is certain is that this time she looks a lot more reliable than the last time we were able to have her as a playable character (on a certain CD-i Legend of Zelda game that many preferred to forget)

Hyrule Warriors Impa
Impa is a warrior-type character that looks like a ninja, but carries a big sword. She is Princess (now queen) Zelda's royal maid and bodyguard who interacts with Link at some occasions in order to share her wisdom with him. She seems to have very devastating area attacks with her sword as well as good blocking abilities, but also gives the impression that she will be a little quicker than the average warrior-type character which will make for some nice maneuvers and stylish game play.

Hyrule Warriors Lana
Lana is the playable wizard-type character in the game. She (a.k.a The Little White Witch) seems to be somehow related to one of the main villains called Cia who happens to be "The Black Witch". This energetic magic user has a lot of spells on her disposal that she can use to destroy her enemies with relative ease by mixing them with various physical moves. We will know how good of a character Lana is when we see how well she does when taking damage as wizards can be easily nerfed.

Hyrule Warriors Midna
The lovable Midna will also be a Hyrule Warrior after making her first appearance on the Twilight Princess game. She seems to be the grappler-type of character and by grappler it means grappling giant enemies and smashing them into the ground kind of grappler. It has been told that the first time we see her it will be as an enemy so who knows what her agenda is in the story and why she chooses to join the good side in the war.

Hyrule Warriors Agitha
Agitha is a young girl who lives in Hyrule Castle Town and believes to be the queen of bugs (which meant a bug seeking side quest for link in Twilight Princess). Her role in the game is as a beastmaster/support-type of character because of the use of different kind of bugs (big and small) for her various attacks which go from summoning a giant beetle, to riding on a giant butterfly or even calling her own set of wings. She seems a little slow, but interesting character to use.

Hyrule Warriors Cia
Remember the "black witch" mentioned before? Yep, this is Cia.
Wrapping it up

There you go folks. Up until now these are the usable characters in the game, but there is a pretty good chance that more of them will be announced as we get near to the release date of this game (Fourth Quarter: A wallet smashing list of release dates), but for now we can just sit back and imagine what other kinds of warriors could also be on the game as playable characters because in the Legend of Zelda universe there are lots of good candidates that can make for pretty awesome heroes.

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