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Capcom for sale: who would buy what

Capcom, a really big embodiment of some of our childhoods is now there for the taking. Any of the big gaming companies can dish out the benjamins and the creative father of games like Mega Man, Street Fighter and Resident Evil can fall entirely into their hands. That is the current situation, but while most people talk about this occurrence as "the sale of Capcom as a whole", the company properties can pretty much be sold in pieces which means that individual franchises can be bought if the other 49% of stock holders agree to it. Now using each of the important companies or individual's situation as a guide, we will mention some of Capcom's greatest properties and see who would buy them and why.

Mega Man
It is a no-brainer that the ideal buyer for this franchise right now is Nintendo. The reason is that they are the only ones that have given some love to the blue bomber in years with his appearance on Super Smash Brothers for 3DS and Wii U. Not only that, but the Nintendo platform is the most suitable one for the her in blue right now. This is because of the style of gaming that is going on in the Wii U and 3DS platforms which is a little more colorful and fantasy based than its competitors.

On a second position as a potential buyer, we have Mega Man's creator himself, Keiji Inafune. It is not known how wealthy he is, but if he gets his hands back on his own creation, he will have a money maker that will greatly return his investment and make him a hero to all Mega Man fans.

Resident Evil - Dino Crisis

On the survival horror department Capcom has two franchises that are currently trending and those are Resident Evil and Dino Crisis (with a possible next-gen comeback). As far as competition goes, the companies that are most likely to tap on these games are Sony and Microsoft. If they decided to buy any of these two franchises it is safe to say that each company would get one and then we would have a survival horror brawl between the PS4 and the Xbox One at a later time.

Street Fighter
This one is most likely going the way of Sony, as they have been showing a very persistent interest in this fighting game franchise even making some subtle references to it on some of the promotional videos that they shown just after they unveiled the console for the first time.

Nintendo is very unlikely to go for this one as it really doesn't fit into their current plans while Microsoft remains a wildcard in the case of this game. Another thing that could happen is that Capcom itself protects this franchise and keep it to themselves as it has greatly profited them (still does).

This franchise can go anywhere as we haven't seen anything from it for a long time. If any company does buy it, it can finally spawn the game that its fans have been waiting for years, but there is still the possibility that the franchise will be kept in the shadows of Street Fighter and once again ignored.

If this once great franchise gets some attention, One company that gives a faint impression that they would get it is Atlus. This is because if Darkstalkers were to fall into their hands, they could give it the same treatment they did to Persona 4 Arena, rebooting the series and pleasing its fans.

Ghost and Goblins

The Ghost and Goblins franchise looks like something that Microsoft would pick up. In the course of the Xbox 360 lifespan, we saw some old school franchises featured on the Xbox Live Arcade, and although they weren't exclusives, they had a good following in the Microsoft's machine.

Another company that could shelter this franchise would be Nintendo as they can do all sorts of things with it, from spawning a new Ghost and Goblins game, to featuring Arthur as a new character in Super Smash Brothers. Once again the colorful and fantasy based nature of Nintendo games, puts them as potential buyers for this popular franchise that has been there since the very beginning on Capcom's best times.

Monster Hunter

It is no secret that Nintendo has a stranglehold on this franchise, but if it becomes a sale option and Nintendo doesn't act quick, they can lose it to Sony who really needs it to beef up the sales of the PS VITA which would be a a very productive move, since the franchise helped sell PSP consoles in the past.

Like Street Fighter, Monster Hunter is also one of those franchises that could be protected by Capcom itself, because it is so popular in Japan that it was one of the games that was holding the company afloat, before the stocks were released.

Other games

There are many other franchises (even more than the ones featured on this blog entry) that could be picked up by major companies, but will not be seen at depth because this would mean that the list would go on forever. Just so not many Capcom franchises are left hanging, here is a small list of some other franchises also including the companies that would be most likely to get them:

  • Dead Rising (Microsoft)
  • Devil May Cry (Anyone, most likely Sony)
  • Okami (Nintendo)
  • Strider (Anyone, most likely Microsoft)
  • Beautiful Joe (Nintendo)
  • Power Stone (Anyone, most likely Nintendo or Microsoft)

Wrapping it up

Even though we saw a lot of interesting hypothetical sales on this entry, we have to be aware that it is very possible that no gaming company ever goes forward to buy anything and the stocks end up been bought by some ordinary business man/woman which leaves the company exactly as it was before the stocks became available, so don't get your hopes up. It is also noticeable that not everybody is happy with the possibility of any of the Capcom's franchises becoming exclusive to one gaming platform, but hey it could happen, just be sure to keep an open mind.

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