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Anime Talk Weekly - Zankyo no Terror

Anime with disaster themes are common place and some people consider that most of them are psychologically inspired by the various tragedies that have happened on the land of the rising run. This series seems to once again capture that feeling, but this time in a more direct way with the topic of terrorism, which is one of the main worries that our modern society has.

Zankyo no Terror Zankyo no Terror (a.k.a Terror in Resonance)

Genre: Psychological thriller

Episodes: 11

Released: July 5, 2014

                   The Story so far

Zankyo no Terror - Cellphone picThe story line in Zanyo no Terror takes place in Tokyo. On this re-imagining of our present times, two young boys unleash a devastating terrorist attack in Tokyo, Japan and just give glimpse of their presence to the public by releasing a mysterious and cryptic video in what becomes a game for them as local authorities are baffled and can't seem to find a culprit, while they plan their next attack. The two boys call themselves "The Sphinx" and are dedicated to "wake the people up" in any possible way.

The Mood

Zankyo no Terror - Character
The mood in this anime series feels a little like Deathnote. Of course we don't have any death gods or a notebook that kills people, but the overall present-time city crisis is there, as well as the detective style thrill of the authorities desperately looking for the ones who committed the terrorist attacks. It also gives the impression that although the boys at first do everything in a perfect way, it is just a matter of time before they make a mistake that puts them in peril while the people they meet along the way is what will make them or break them in the end.

What to expect

Zankyo no Terror - Building on fireExpect a lot of destruction and a very deep sense of tragedy (Saikano style) with a lot of characters both significant and not, losing friends and family as "The Sphinx" spread chaos across Tokyo. This is one of those series that will have many viewers silently rooting for the good guys, but with a very loud sense of sympathy for the villains as many people felt in series like Deathnote and Code Geass which feature byronic heroes.

Another thing to expect of this series is a big picture that goes further than the two boys with their rebellious intentions, sort of like something more powerful than them, pulling the strings and controlling them by using their own ideologies.

Zankyo no Terror - Terrorists

Wrapping it up

This is one series that is very worthy of watching, especially if you liked any of the other series that were previously mentioned. It is also good to watch if you want something a little closer to reality and our own times, as the themes touched by this series seem to be just that. Get ready for some tragic drama, conspiracy, destruction and detective styled investigations with Zankyo no Terror.

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