Friday, July 18, 2014

Doom is back! An awesome mix of the old and new.

Doom old and new

It has been a very long time since we last had a Doom game. This was because the popular first person shooter franchise took a really long hiatus after they made it a trilogy. From a player's stand point, the first two Doom games were classics and the 3rd one kind of divided the community between the fans that loved it and the fans that hated it. Nevertheless, the big bad granddaddy of first person shooters is back as a reboot that was just called "Doom" and so far so good, as it looks like an exciting mix of the old and new. Based on the descriptions given by the ones who were lucky enough to be in this year's QuakeCon, this is what how the game appears to be:

Doom old school
The classic style game is back with a modern twist to it.
The old

In the visual department, it seems that this Doom title carries along a visual style that is very similar to its antecessors.  With its setting been in a research facility on Mars, it features all the post-apocalyptic settings, the concrete and metal walls surrounding everything and also the gory effects of the third game. The big "F" heavy looking guns are back, complementing the assortment of normal weapons. The speed of combat on this one went away from the survival horror style of Doom 3 and more into the classic feeling of the earlier titles, with several enemies coming at once and not much room for error. The game's fast paced action game play also has an emphasis on going swift and deadly so no duck and cover mechanics this time. All while also giving you the old school hazard of enemies that can teleport and surprise you very easily, just like the classic Doom many of us know.

Up until now, weapons seem to have taken the old school treatment as there is no reloading and no bullet limits on your clip. Finally to top it off, they decided Not to include regenerating health, so like in Wolfestein: The New Order, if you want to stay alive you will have to look for health and ammo items or die trying.

Doom 2014 cyberdemon
Yep, hes back.
The New

There is quite a few "new school" elements in this game so newcomers shouldn't feel cast out. For instance the game will run at a smooth 1080p/60fps on all platforms it will be released in. The game also features execution mechanics where you damage an enemy as you normally would, then kick the hell out of them and finish it off with a gruesome execution (take note that the same thing can happen to you if you are killed and the type of execution will vary depending on which type of enemy fragged you). You will get weapons with alternate firing modes, enemies that can use jet packs and attack from the air and of course the movement mechanics you have known from modern first person shooters for like sprinting, mantling and if you like to go a little on the arcade style, double jumping.

Doom 2014 logo

Wrapping it up

This new Doom reboot looks like it will be the best of the past with the best of the present. It is that sort of mix that many of us have been waiting for years and that is more than enough reason to be hyped about it. Remember that if you bought Wolfestein: The New Order, you already have a pass to the Doom beta phase, so stay alert. No details where given about when this beta phase would start, but it could happen at any time now and we are ready for it.

Doom trailer prior to the Quake Con 2014

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