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Some gaming rumors to spike up your hype

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The gaming community is always looking for new gaming rumors to base their hopes into. Those small pieces of information that attempt to give us some insight of what is happening at the back stage of the gaming industry and give us an idea about if those things we want to happen have a chance of actually becoming real. Those "things" are stuff like game releases, game company decisions, details about upcoming games or hidden stuff about games we already have. Here you have a small list of some of the recent ones for your enjoyment.

New game modes on this game would be an awesome thing.

Titanfall's hidden gameplay modes:

It seems like somebody has found their way into the game hidden files and found out that Titanfall has some game modes that haven't been implemented yet. These hidden game modes were described as Wingman last titan standing (the team with the last working titan wins), Marked for death (one player is tagged as the one that must be killed), Titan tag (not described), Capture the titan (some sort of a capture the flag thing, but with titans), Bodyguard (some sort of escort mode) and Big Brother (some sort of a domination style match). Let's see if any of these game modes is released in the near future.

eternal darkness
If there is one Nintendo game that deserves a second chance, is this one.

Nintendo extends its Eternal Darkness trademark

It seems like the "Big N" has not given up on the cult classic survival horror game as they have extended the trademark for the game's name. Up until now the trademark is described as "downloadable electronic game" and "downloadable electronic software", so this means that Nintendo could be planning a digital only release of a new game from the horror franchise that originally made its debut on Game Cube back in 2002.

metal arms
It would be fun to have the little robot back in action, blasting stuff away.

Blizzard gets the "Metal Arms" trademark.

Metal Arms: A Glitch in the System was an third person shooter/adventure game that was released in 2003. It featured a world of robots in which you (the protagonist) were a strange robot that was found by the others and put in to action. It was a nice third person shooter experience that featured big stages, lots of enemies and sometimes made you think a little in order to survive. It seems that Blizzard got the trademark for this game so who knows if they are planning to revive the franchise in some way or another.

diddy kong racing
Back in the day Mario Kart was not the only popular Nintendo Kart game in town.

Nintendo 64 games will be available on the virtual console.

This is a good one for those old school fans. It seems that Nintendo 64 games will be appearing on Nintendo's virtual console soon, as tipped by an ambiguous message that appeared on the virtual console website. The message said "Check back regularly for the future addition of titles from the Game Boy Advanced and Nintendo 64 systems". Up until now there has been no more comments regarding the appearance of Nintendo 64 games on the virtual console.

sleeping dogs
The Last of Us made it, GTAV will too, so why not?

Sleeping Dogs getting into the new generation consoles

If you are a fan of this fun game then this one is for you. The rumor is based on a listing for an UK site that posted the game as a future release giving it a November 21 date with the name Sleeping Dogs HD. Up until now Square Enix has declined to comment on the rumor so it seems like it has a great possibility of been true. Putting polished versions of previous-gen hits on new consoles is starting to become a trend on this generation so the chanced of this happening are high.

Majora's Mask moon on Hyrule Warriors
This picture spells awesomeness to any Legend of Zelda fan.

Majora's Mask making a comeback

Based on this rumor, Nintendo is looking for people to work with an apparent Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 3DS. This is based on a job listing that appeared out of nowhere and fueled the notion that the long awaited remake for this game could happen at last. There have been no official announcements regarding this matter, but the rumor hype is on, even more so with the appearance of the Majora's Mask moon in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors game.

capcom dino crisis
A classic from the survival horror best days.

The Dino Crisis reboot rumor is still alive

Even though nothing was shown on this years E3 and it should had died already, the rumors that say that Capcom will reboot the survival horror franchise known as Dino Crisis are still going although no official comments have been made. This one is still a long shot, more so after Capcom's situation worsened and more than half of the company shares became available for sale. For now, let's just keep this as a "nice to have", just in case.

Wrapping it up

Here you have it folks, some gaming rumors for you to entertain your mind with while the officially announced games get released and you finally get a chance to play them. If you know about any other cool gaming rumor, share the hype and go ahead and share it on the comments section.

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